A little while ago, I took part in a podcast called THE TIPPING POINT FOR SUCCESS, with my mentor and endless source of inspiration and motivation, Anna Dower.


This international group of female creatives talked about what the tipping point for success was for us, how we felt in our businesses, the process of going through her coaching course and the transformation each of us have gone through since the programme.


It was great to hear other stories of fellow creative business leaders stepping into their confidence, brilliance and building their own future.


I have been reflecting on this lately – because what I learned throughout the programme and mentorship that followed, play a role in my work and how I run my business, every day.  From huge changes in how I approach things to the incredibly supportive community of like-minded individuals, all aligned in our purpose, skills and outlook.


But the biggest thing I learned: that no matter what you do for work, to have an outside perspective (and a no-BS one such as Anna’s), that is objectively looking at your brand, your business and you as an individual – is invaluable, transformational and life changing.

Each week we’d get on a call and she’d kick my ass, making seismic shifts in my thinking, practices and, ultimately, my confidence in what I was doing, why I was doing it and how I was doing it.


Do I offer similar services to my clients? Yes.

Do I approach working with other brands in an equally matter-of-fact way? Yes.

Do I practice what I preach and implement every aspect of my own brand coaching on myself? Hmm.


It’s so difficult to have space and foresight with something we are so close to. And so, having an expert, experienced opinion to kick you into touch is what every business leader needs.


It allows us to be guided along a discreet track to get results and make impact – rather than getting distracted with the everyday.


It allows us to prioritise, even if it’s once a week, some time for the business and take a step back.


It allows us to strategically plan for the future, asking questions you might not ordinarily face and address things that may be put in the ‘too hard’ box.



So, if you’re in a position where you feel stuck, not sure where your brand should go or how to get it set up and ready for your next stage of growth, then get help.

Bring a strategist or brand coach onboard.

Take the pain out of the process and have a helping hand through the process.



We are taking clients for October if you want to get in touch – it’ll be the tipping point for your own success.


You can listen to the Uncool Designer podcast episode HERE.


Lauren 🌱

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