How to turn confused messaging, a sh*t-show of unprofessional branding into the brand you’ve always dreamed of.


The truth about brand and design is:


Your customers are savvy to it, it helps them connect to your business, understand what you do and feel aligned to your message.


They need to know, amongst all the noise in the market, that you are the one for them – their go-to, the chosen one. So, it’s time to stop playing small with unclear, inconsistent and poor design.


If this sounds like you, then read on…


I’ve curated FIVE of my tops tips from turning unclear, inconsistent and shoddy branding into the brand you’ve always wanted.

Tip 1 for the brand of your dreams:

Know what’s working and what’s not

To start with, it doesn’t mean throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Something is obviously working if you’re still in business – so understand what is hitting the mark.

It could be your messaging, purpose, colour palette, visuals, anything.

Then objectively look at what isn’t: just because you love lurid purple, Comic Sans and think drop shadows are so ‘now’, doesn’t mean your clients do. Remember your brand is not about you – it’s about them.

You can take my Brand Check-In and start seeing what’s working and not


Tip 2 for the brand of your dreams:

Understand who you’re for

Your audience are the ones spending their hard-earned dosh on your services, they ain’t going to spend it with you if you are not attuned to their needs, desires, problems, tastes, preferences… and are delivering a solution for them. Know them, intimately. And every time you create a piece of visual and verbal comms, or new product / service – create it for THEM.


Tip 3 for the brand of your dreams:

Understand the competition

By looking at how others are showing up, speaking and activating their brand in your industry, you can learn some valuable lessons – what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly, how can you differentiate yourself to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

No clichés, no copycats, no need for that.


Tip 4 for the brand of your dreams:

Don’t follow trends

Trends have a place in fast fashion, the latest fads in technologies and seasonal consumer habits. But your brand is here to stay. Long-term. So, build a brand that reflects the values and purpose that sit at its heart, that connects emotionally to your audience and honours the industry you’re in. This all sits outside and above trends.


Tip 5 for the brand of your dreams:

Get professional help

Just because Cousin Eric told you Wix is ‘great for websites’, your mate Dave has Photoshop and your brother built an online store for his geeky collection of movie posters: these people are not going to get you to where you want to be.

Stop thinking small. Put on your big girls’ pants and get the help and expertise you deserve. This is an investment in your future, your dream.


The mistakes most business leaders make is not understanding their audience at all, being deaf to what’s going on around them and throwing good money after bad for ‘design’ solutions (Dave included).


That approach is never going to work: A cohesive, unique and professional brand takes the right strategy, the right people and the right skills.


The only thing that really matters is that you can TOTALLY have the brand of your dreams, that you are proud of, that speaks to your customers and can sustain your growth.


And you can start doing that today, are you ready?


Because when you have that, clarity, empowerment and confidence will be yours.


Lauren 🌱

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