Nurture Session.

An open session with Box Creative. 

You’ll be amazed what you can achieve in a remote session with me – hold onto your hats and get ready for a real boost and  injection of energy, inspiration and strategic juices.

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Held via Zoom (I wish I took shares out with them in 2020) with creative director and visionary thinker, Lauren Jones, it’s perfect for these Covid times when we can’t meet in person.

These open and energising sessions are designed to thrash out any specific branding challenges you’re currently facing, unmuddle your muddles and leave you feeling lighter, brighter and ready to roll.

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One, powerful session to kick start your... anything!

This session is open but works best picking one thing at a time and nailing it. We can leave this up to you – are you battling with your next photoshoot shot list and style, not sure where you should be investing your time and energy in updating your branding, are your presentations getting more “ewww!” than “oooooh!”, are your team singing on different hymn sheets and it ain’t sounding pretty?

Whatever your brand challenge, you’re in good company to talk it through and figure it out. You’ll leave feeling clearer, more focused and with to-do list that will give Marie Kondo envy!

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This is a session design BY you

This is a GET **IT DONE session – so whatever you need, let’s hear it.

Most clients need to talk through a way to maximise their expertise and architect out their brand in a way that makes sense, is doable and adds value to their client.

Some are stuck with how to go about visualising and articulating what’s been burning inside them for some time – be it a new course, a new service or a new business altogether – and have now idea what and who it takes to get there.

Fundamentally, they want clarity and a learned ear to pour out their brains – no judgment, helpful and actionable.

I’ll keep it open, flexible but grounded in what’s achievable in the time and what’s right for you, but don’t mistake what a powerful punch these sessions can pack. We can always book in another Nurture Session if we need it.

Can I get a ‘hell yes!’

Sound like a bit of what you need?

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Take my client, Rebecca.

If ever there was a case to invest in brand-we launched last year and we’ve been able to increase our revenue by a third-we’re not doing anything different, it’s down to the brand.

Having the brand behind us, the tone and positioning allows us to go out with confidence, it backs up our work and talks perfectly to our audience and we have been able to increase our prices as a result.

It draws attention and people are taking notice.

There is something substantial behind it and we’re already seeing real value: this year has been the most we’ve ever billed.

Words from blossoming businesses

Sarah Brimble, Body Reconnect

I have wanted to set up a business for many years, but being a mum to three small children have left me feeling overwhelmed with no idea to start. I met Lauren to discuss where to start. Lauren asked all the right questions and was excellent at allowing me to develop my thoughts, whilst also offering ideas when I was stuck. She helped me with my concept, developed a name, structure, and mood for the brand. It was more progress than I had made with my business in 7 years! Lauren is exceptionally good at taking on board very amateur and badly explained ideas and turning them into professional and beautiful designs. I am incredibly proud of my business - website, flyers, and posters. I am very grateful to Lauren for her incredibly hard work, and would recommend her to anyone.

Helen Munshi, The Start-Up Studio

I worked with Box Creative to completely define and design my brand. At the start I was completely confused as to what I wanted my brand to look like and even the name for my business. Lauren was incredibly patient and helped me to answer key questions to define my brand. She has this ability to take the confused tangle of ideas and images I had in my head and create and come up with several brilliant designs that were right on the money.

Emma Hill, Artist

I liked that Lauren understood and took me on a journey that helped me see, what was clearly there, but what I couldn’t see myself. My new brand speaks confidence and presents me in a way I’d like to be seen.

I couldn’t be more proud. I really couldn’t imagine it any better.

I would go for it, without a doubt – work with Lauren! It’s so wonderful to learn so much about yourself and your brand, to be taken on a journey of discovery, to be given the foundations to help you be the best you can be – to be able to grow, in yourself and your brand.

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