Brand Roots.

Turn your booming business into a blooming brand for seamless storytelling and strategic success.

Our online course helps female business owners become industry leaders. Teaching you to understand your customer, analyse the market and nail your niche. 

Build your brand.
Share your story.
Master your market.

A value-packed, six-week online course for fearless female leaders looking to grow their business. From purpose to positioning, profits to potential.

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Get clear on where your brand needs nurturing. 

Successful bold businesses stem from nurtured brand roots.

With our six-module online course, you will learn to confidently share your vision, purpose and skills with the world. From understanding your customer’s journey to analysing the market, defining your goals and positioning your business for success.

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Grow the distance.

Brand Roots is an expert-led online course, helping business owners thrive in the modern world. Focus on developing your brand, building a strategy and connecting with customers in six key modules.

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I want you to take a second and just imagine

waking up to a life and business that you had always dreamed of.

being able to speak clearly and confidently about what you do and tell your story.

easily speaking your brand voice that gets connects with customers.

walking into a meeting empowered and prepared, knowing what sets you apart and how you can solve their problems.

how unstoppable you will be when you combine your skills and experience with brand strategy and expertise.

Your business may have started as a small seed...

But with hard work and care, it soon sprouted. Now, your once little seed is growing and blossoming. Finding and creating space in the world. 

But, in the excitement of tending to a blooming business your brand roots weren’t nurtured enough. You’re outdated, inconsistent and that lacking direction. 

The good thing is, it’s never too late to replenish your soil and build stronger Brand Roots, that will help your business grow further.

Brand Roots is for brave and bold female business owners.

Ready to take the necessary steps to create a standout brand.

They aren’t afraid to adapt, to learn, to change and to grow. They want expert advice and value support and collaboration.

They understand that the grass is greener when it’s watered and aren’t afraid to put in the work.

Are you ready?

With this course you’ll say hello to a whole lot of learning, adapting and growing. You’ll receive expert guidance and carefully designed teaching materials. You’ll say hello to a new era in your business but you’ll also say goodbye, too.

Say goodbye to:

Tired and thrown together, DIY strategy, that don’t reflect your vision.

Half baked, well-meaning, but poorly executed plans and ideas.

Inconsistent tone, language and brand voice.

“Someday”. Change is finally happening NOW.

And that all starts with a strong brand strategy.

More than just a logo or a colour scheme.

Your brand is about values, purpose and mission.

The way employees interact, or customers are responded to.

It’s about feelings, perception and experiences and if cultivated correctly your brand will be your businesses most powerful tool. 

Welcome To Brand Roots

Your beginners guide to refining and articulating your brand’s strategy, to set you up for some serious growth.

We can help reset, refresh, reenergise and realign your brand

The course will help you:

Create the time and space to work on your business, instead of just in it.

Refresh or refocus your brand story, voice and tone.

Understand your customers' experience and outline how you can reach them.

Outline a rock-solid, compelling, business position statement that helps push you forward.

Have a bold brand that challenges you today and reflects your tomorrow.

Communicate and connect with your clients confidently.

What’s in the course

Module one

Your Brand Landscape

The first module is invaluable in helping you understand where you are currently, in order to set manageable, achievable, goals for the future. You’ll be guided to complete a thorough audit of your business including: understanding your story, researching the market, completing competitor analysis and opportunity mapping.
The theme for this lesson is clarity and you’ll move on to the next module feeling informed, with a clear grasp of your business.

Module two

You and Your Customer

Now it’s time to understand the bigger picture. Who you’re targeting and how you can help them. We’ll examine what your dream customer says about your niche and introduce you to the importance of client personas and avatars. This session is all about how you can provide great service in a way that fuels your passion and allows your business to grow.
Once you’re finished, you should be able to imagine your dream customers and talk directly to them.

Module three

Your Brand Story, Part 1

Diving into module three you’ll see it’s all about the 4 P’s.

Purpose – beyond financial, what are the things that motivated you to start your business and why do you feel the drive to continue.

Principles – understanding the values and culture your business will represent. What causes are important and how you will you make an impact.

Point of Difference – that special sauce that makes you, you and makes your business stand out. Whether it’s your experience, size or technology – this module helps you get clear. 

Position – with a grasp on all of the above, you’ll now be able to confidently create your positioning statement that strategically outlines where your business will fit within the market.

Your Brand Story, Part 2

It’s fun time! Now, to inject some personality. Your brand voice will begin developing here as you explore ways to creatively express your business. Looking at brand imperatives, future wins, copy and business scripts you’ll be outlining what your core message is so that you can work out how to say it.


Module four

Your Brand Voice

Through the work we’re doing you should now be developing a strong sense of your brand voice. In today’s social media landscape and fast-moving corporate world it’s vital that your business is authentic.

Not only will your customers resonate with it, you will find it easier to sustain. This lesson will look at what your brand voice means, the language and tone you’ll use and how you will communicate. 

Module five

Your Brand Experience

How does your customer experience your business?

That’s what you’ll be exploring in this module. From the first time they are aware of you, until the moments after they engage what is the journey? Is it easy for them to find out all the information they need? What if they have questions? How do they book, buy or pay for your product or services and where throughout this experience have you had customer touchpoints. Get ready, this one is a goodie!

Module six

Your Brand Roots Strategy

Now, armed with all your new information and lessons, you can start to create your business strategy documents. You’ll piece together your new clear brand and begin to implement it into your business communications from creative briefs to customer relations.

This strategy will help you make confident business decisions.

PLUS, after that

did we mention you get LIFE-TIME ACCESS? Yep, seriously!

You can revisit the learning materials as often as you like, wherever you like. 

Build better Brand Roots today.

After the course you will have:

  • Clarity on your purpose and how it drives the business
  • An authentic brand voice and positioning statement
  • A visual understanding of your creative direction
  • Your brand imperatives and futures wins
  • A completely unique Brand Roots Strategy Document.
  • Future-proofed your business.

Looking for something different?

Unearth Your Brand in a Day programme.

A complete brand strategy in one exciting and almighty day (with a lot of pre-work from me). You’re my VIP for the day as we work together via video call to build a brand that makes you proud. It’s a smash-out session for only the most motivated and excited of business owners.

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After the real deal, the full package?:

The Brand Greenhouse.

Where beautiful brands are grown. We’ll work together 1:1 on a full-stack design package. Including the professional creation and delivery of your one-of-a-kind logo and creative assets. A collaborative process that builds your brand from seed to success.

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Words from blossoming businesses

Rebecca Cornwall, UX Strategist

It was a challenge for me to really articulate the nature of my business, let alone distil my brand when I’m distracted by the day-to-day.

Box Creative’s process really enabled me to be objective about the value within my business, but ultimately I got to refocus on what was most important to me.

Hollie Evans, Flora Fairweather

Lauren’s course is SUPER inspiring and I just couldn’t recommend it enough!!!

She’s terribly approachable and warming which made working through my modules an absolute joy.

Despite the hard work I thoroughly enjoyed trawling through my own ‘brand baggage’ to get the most out of it and ready for what’s next – I’m so excited!

Sally Davies, My Calm Life

I loved the Box Creative brand building exercise, it really focussed my thoughts on my business and helped me think strategically about how I wanted to position myself.

You deserve a brand to be proud of.
Get your Brand Roots sorted today.


When is Brand Roots available?

NOW! Exciting isn’t it. You can enrol here at anytime and get instant access to this value-packed ecourse.

How will the ecourse be delivered?

Once you’re signed up and paid up, you’ll get instant access to all six of our modules to complete at your own pace. Finished them all and want to do it again? Good news – you’ve got lifetime access. Brand Roots is totally self-directed so you can complete it at your pace, in your own place. 

Do I have to change my business name?

No, only if this is something you feel that you want to. Throughout the process we’ll be helping you refine your business purpose and understand your brand voice. We want to inspire you to feel confident and excited about your brand again.

How is this different to the Unearth Your Brand In A Day programme?

Brand Roots is a self-directed course that is designed to help you understand the strategy behind brand development. This ecourse is not as comprehensive as UNEARTH YOUR BRAND IN A DAY, which is an intensive day full of 1:1 video calls where we work together to compile your strategy and Stylescapes for you. With Unearth Your Brand you benefit from my experienced eyes dedicated on your project.

How do I pay?

Through the course platform, via Paypal. Once you’ve clicked to enrol, follow the instructions – if you have any problems please feel free to get in touch.

Wanna know more?

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