The Elevate Prize

Awakening the hero in all of us.


A vibrant and exciting new Foundation, on a mission to find global heroes - the activists, problem solvers and innovators - who are tackling the worlds biggest problems and elevating humanity on a global scale.


We worked closely with the Founder and Senior Team to develop the brand story, design and identity system. We then worked with a truly global team to deliver the library of assets required to get it to market and begin its impact.
One of the highlights was embedding the brand culture through a series of workshops that discuss and unpacked the values that sat at the heart of the foundation - what it meant for them as an organisation, as a team, as an individual.
This exciting and dynamic new brand continues to grow and develop across content production, PR and activations.


Brand Roots Strategy Workshop
Brand Greenhouse
Brand Deliverables:
Document design, Website, Imagery, Motion graphics design, Campaigns, Social media design, Merchandise, Workshop Collateral – Brand Guidelines
Brand Management


Carolina Garcìa Jayaram, Founding Executive Director,
Elevate Prize Foundation.

I’m so incredibly grateful we could do this work so early on – which also captures my happiest moment: I was able to build a team that included Lauren and her incredible skills!

The impact has been to give us a North Star – through our visuals, our words and everything that we do, to build the foundation.”

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