The Brand Growth Decision: Brand Refresh vs Rebrand

Understanding the difference and what it means for your business.

Understanding the process.

Do you have brand growth overwhelm? Is your brand in need of some help and don’t know where to start?

Whatever the reason – you’re feeling that itch for change.

Like the need for a new haircut, or shopping spree for a new look, a new car or redecorate the living room: The itch for something new generally means you’ve outgrown something.

Sometimes we get that desire to completely overhaul everything; to reinvent yourself, your business. transform it into something else.

Sometimes a simple spruce will do – an update to keep things fresh and energised.

Which one is for you? Where do you start?

This document will define your options, explaining the differences and give you steps to take to start tackling this task.

So, grab our explain-all guide to brand refresh vs rebrand – unearth what’s right for you and say goodbye to brand growth confusion!

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