So we blew apart the misconception that brand is your branding.

Out of the park, and into next week.

This difference is more than just words. Your brand is a core business tool, and the ‘secret’ to a high valued, fully-functioning, aligned business, that GROWS! 

Sound good?

Let’s  explore how your brand can REALLY work for you.

Your brand will win the hearts and minds of your customers through your marketing activities.

Ever have that feeling of: 

“I simply have to have that [insert label name], specific, new and whatever-the-price [insert product, service type] because I just LOVE EVERYTHING they do” …

NOTE: I have nearly every product from Apple in my home, I would gladly buy the entire Everlane store and I should have taken shares out with Aesop.

Now that’s what we’re talking about. Your customers falling in love with you that they simply can’t resist everything you do – and telling all their mates about it.

Brand love = Brand loyalty = Brand growth $£$£


Great – how do we get there?


Your brand strategy must align to business strategy.

This is a big one, but when it’s right, you’ll hit gold.

First, let’s just explain what we mean by the two – And no one says it clearer than Marty Neumeier:


“Business strategy is about what the business needs from customers to succeed.

Brand strategy is about what our customers need from us to succeed.”


Mind. Blown.


Business strategy = share value, footfall, sales. 

Brand strategy = brand experience, storytelling, building connections.


One might argue (hands up) that if your brand strategy is working, then sales follow, naturally. 

This is why brand-led businesses succeed. The brand comes first. 

Think Apple, Everlane, Aesop.

And when the brand and the business strategy are aligned, you meet your customers’ needs and they meet your business needs, that’s where the magic happens.

You have a high value business, with a longer-term, sustainable fan base filled with brand heroes who can’t help but tell every person and their dog about your products and services.

With a solid brand strategy, your business strategy functions best because everyone knows:

  • Why you exist
  • Who you’re for
  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • Why it matters

Your brand is a core business tool, and the ‘secret’ to a high valued, fully-functioning, aligned business, that GROWS! 

And it’s far more than a logo. 

Watch out for STEP 2.

If you’re interested in increasing the value of your business by creating a brand that wins the hearts, minds, and wallets of your customers, then message me now and we’ll set up a time for a virtual coffee chat.


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