A little bit of Mary Popping mentality helps your brand grow. 

Imagine this:

You come across a great new company on Instagram, some fabulous purses and bags that you NEED in your life. All of them. 

You fall in love with the vibrant colours and cool influencers on their feed. Sold.
Then you head to their website and the logo is different, the colour isn’t the same.
Is that a different tagline?
Which product did I like again?
Am I on a different site?

The result: 

  • Confusion.
  • Lack of trust.
  • Disenfranchised.
  • Bail on website.
  • Sale lost.

Inconsistent branding including the feel, messaging, user experience, interface design and cohesion leads to a jarred customer experience.


And they’ll happily move on from your mishmash website and onto your competitors who’re offering a seamless, consistent experience.

Bottom line is, this impacts your bottom line.

Which is why I sound like Mary Poppins telling clients to be consistent and persistent with your brand communications, in every way.



I WANT TO BE FREE AND DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. Said every teenager in the land.

And I hear you. There’s a time and a place for mixing it up but that should not be when you’re building and maintaining your brand.

As much as we can’t dictate the (emotional) response that customers have to your brand, but we sure as hell can influence it: 

  • through our branding activities. 
  • through our brand storytelling
  • through being consistently 
  • through showing up professionally

By being consistent and persistent, in every way (enter Mary Poppins again) you can have a continual presence that builds brand awareness to drive market recognition that ultimately and importantly, builds TRUST amongst your customers. 


And trust sells. 


Want to know how you can achieve all that?

With your brand tool kit.

This is the library of visual tools specific to your company, think: logo / logotype, colour palette, key messaging / strapline, imagery, graphic treatment and tonality.  

Your brand guidelines illustrate how all these elements could/should be combined, will help you show up cohesively, consistently and professionally. 

NOTE: It’s worth pointing out that your brand tool kit will only be as good as the brand  strategy. So, it’s best to build a resilient and well-thought out brand strategy, to get a great brand identity and branding tool kit. This will avoid having to refresh or rebrand too often.  

How’s your brand tool kit looking?

If you’re interested in increasing the value of your business by creating a brand that wins the hearts, minds, and wallets of your customers, then DM me now and we’ll set up a time for a virtual coffee chat.


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