Unearth Your Brand.

All we need is you (a female business owner ready for change), me (a certified brand strategist), video chat and a full day (with some prep work) to FINALLY answer the business questions that have been keeping you up at night. 


In our time together we will dig deep to analyse, strategise and build a sustainable, beautiful brand identity that feels completely authentic to your business.

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Demystifying what a complete, sustainable and beautiful brand looks like.


Let's grow.

Unearthing your brand means digging through the unnecessary BS to get to the roots so we can really understand how to nurture and cultivate your business authentically. Putting strong brand identity foundations in place so you can grow, scale and thrive.

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Create your brand in one day, not someday.

No more putting it off or moving ‘brand’ further down your to-do list. With my guidance, skills and experience we will make your business a priority.

Working together live (with a little ‘Blue Peter’ prepared early magic) we will create a brand, business and purpose that you are incredibly proud of.

You’ll finish our session with a new outlook, new brand identity and a whole lot of growth.

So, let’s dig in and Unearth Your Brand.

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Want the VIP treatment from a certified brand strategist for a full day?

With Unearth Your Brand you’ll get unfettered access to me, my calendar and my skills all day so that we can build you a strategic, future-proof business.

Pick my brain live and get instant feedback as we delve into your brand story together.

It’s time to stop hiding, Unearth Your Brand with me and watch your business grow from strength to strength.

So, what does it mean to Unearth Your Brand?

This is about deep diving into strategy, analysis and research to figure out what makes your business purposeful and profitable to plant the seeds for successful growth.

It’s time to dig up your magic and Unearth Your Brand. Let go of the shoulda, woulda, coulda and go headfirst into my tried and tested brand framework that sets you apart and empowers you to grow.

Know you need to overhaul your brand but just don’t know where, how or when to start? I’ve got you.

With Unearth Your Brand, I become your business best friend, advisor, designer and voice of reason for the day. I’m right there with you, working to help you communicate your purpose clearly.

I am with you the whole way. From the first bud to the final bloom.

Proven track record.

I’ve been fortunate to work with many incredible business women overhauling their brands and while each project is different, the process is normally always the same with the outcomes being

“It was more progress than I had made with my business in 7 years!”

“She has this ability to take the confused tangle of ideas in my head and create a brand that was right on the money.”

“We now have a clear vision of who we are and where we want to be.”

I want my WOW

So, why invest in your brand?

Here are some of the reasons my clients gave their current brand a boost:

It’s dull, DIY’d and lacks cohesion
They’ve outgrown it, after being in business for years
It no longer reflects the businesses vision
It doesn’t excite them
They are looking to expand and grow their team
They want to add value to their business
They need direction
Their market has changed, time have changed and they need to adjust

Take my client, Rebecca.

If ever there was a case to invest in brand-we launched last year and we’ve been able to increase our revenue by a third-we’re not doing anything different, it’s down to the brand.

Having the brand behind us, the tone and positioning allows us to go out with confidence, it backs up our work and talks perfectly to our audience and we have been able to increase our prices as a result.

It draws attention and people are taking notice.

There is something substantial behind it and we’re already seeing real value: this year has been the most we’ve ever billed.

My one-day shape up session is perfect if you:

  • Want big results in a short time frame
  • Don’t know where to start and need a push
  • Love collaborating and bouncing ideas off someone
  • Value expert guidance, support and education
  • Want to be able to ask questions and get instant answers
  • Are ready to do the work and reap the rewards

The key to success is simple:

Start with a STRATEGY.

We believe in putting the work in early to build healthy, strong, roots to grow.

When you invest in understanding your core business values and analysing the market before creating your visual identity you’ll create something unique and authentic.

In a world of DIY and social media, so few business owners spend the time doing the in-depth research – then they get caught up in the buzz, can’t find their own voice and get lost in the crowd.

With 50% of businesses failing within the first 5 years, the foundations you set today will be the path that you follow in the future.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want confidence that your brand aligns with your business voice and is attracting your ideal client?
  • You want to get to the real root of your business so that you can understand what it’s true purpose is?
  • You want to become a leader in your field, an expert voice in your industry, but you have no idea where to start?
  • You’re ready to embrace the next phase of your business growth and actually step in to your potential to gain control of your brand?

If you’re shouting YES internally, then it sounds like you’re ready to Unearth Your Brand.
The intensive one day programme gives you the tools, skills and confidence to grow your business to where it deserves to be and I’ll be with you all the way.

Brand builds trust. Trust build business.

You start with our Brand Roots online course that covers:

Module one

Your Brand Landscape

Where are you? Audit, your story and lessons, market research, competitor analysis, opportunity mapping, market behaviours and external factors that may impact you

Module two

You and Your Customer

Your passion, your niche, your client personas and thinking big!

Module three

Your Brand Story, Part 1

Your purpose (beyond money, what makes you special), principles (spare time, meaning, behaviours and systems), Point of difference and positioning statement.

Your Brand Story, Part 2

Reveal your brand personality through creative activities, Brand imperatives, future wins, business script, positioning statement

Module four

Your Brand Voice

Find your authentic voice, language, positioning and verbal tone. Explore the imperatives your brand MUST have and opportunities for the future.

Module five

Your Brand Experience

Build your customer journey and understand your touchpoints.

Module six

Your Brand Roots Strategy

Creating your strategy document, creative briefs, working with creatives, tools to help

After you've completed Brand Roots we'll have our day together

We will go through everything you've covered, your learnings and uncoverings, I will support creating your story, your strategy and document the whole thing for you. I will also do an initial creative direction stylescape for you to help you on your design journey!

You’ll end up with:

Create the time and space to work on your business, instead of just in it.

Refresh or unearth your brand story, voice and tone, that challenges you today and reflects your tomorrow.

Understand your brand experience, your purpose and values - with key insights form us on how to use these in your business.

Create a compelling positioning statement that defines you.

Be able to have the language to speak to your audience with confidence.

Have a fully documented strategy, complete with initial, visual moodboards.

Here’s what else you’ll get from me:

Your sounding board for the day: honesty and years of wisdom and expertise (No BS, we promise)
A focus on your zone of genius for a full, uninterrupted day.
Support and advice to help you GROW
Action and direction to move forward
Complete brand clarity – go out into the world feeling empowered and confident, ready for the next phase.

Or, as we like to say E.C.O

Empowered, with Confidence and full Ownership of your BRAND 

So, how will our day together work?

9.30 – 11.00am

We’ll jump on a 90min ZOOM video call, for an introduction into Brand, Branding and Experience design – all vital elements of the brand build – and all of the components that add up to an authentic and aligned brand.

Then we will go through your “homework” – assess your brand landscape, market behaviours and customer insights.


11.00 – 12.00pm

We break for 1 hour and you get to dig into your workbook tasks. I’ll be helping you out; brainstorming and starting to put together my ideas for your offerings, opportunities and customer profiles.

12.00 -1.30pm

Another ZOOM call to discuss what we worked on during the break.

We will then start with building your brand story – and my 4 P’s framework; we will look at each section and begin capturing our thoughts for your PURPOSE, PRINCIPLES, POINT OF DIFFERENCE and PERSONALITY.

1.30 -2.30pm

We break for 1 hour.  You will then get another opportunity to work through your workbook and build out your brand strategy, customer journey and start mood boarding! I’ll be right there when you need me and ready to share my thoughts when we’re back.

2.30 – 4.00pm

Our final ZOOM call, once again we will discuss what you have been working on and go over the entire plan, making sure you feel solid with all of the work we have been achieving throughout the day. You will leave with the beginnings of your new brand roots, feeling excited and eager to build on it.

5-7 days later

We will capture all that hard work and pull it into your very own strategy document, straight to your inbox – covering your story, keywords and tone, your visual direction, positioning statement – everything you need to take the world by storm, recommendations of where you could grow and resources to help you bring it to life.

1 month later

Once you have had a chance to review and fall in love with your brand, we will have a 30 minute 1:1 video chat.  We’ll go through your strategy document and visual moodboard to ensure you are happy with everything. This chat will give you the opportunity to ask questions or simply get a high five from me about all of the hard work you have done. You will also have 30 days of unlimited email support with me to bounce ideas off and ask any questions that may pop up.

Here’s what you get from Unearth Your Brand programme

LIVE, in-depth training on the important roots of your business
(value: £1000)

Full access to my client processes that have been developed over 15+ years in business
(value: £1000)

Workbooks, resources and support documents to get you TAKING ACTION
(value: £200)

Your unique brand strategy document
(value £1000)

A follow up 1:1 30 min coaching session and unlimited email support for a month after our pivotal day together
(value: £500)

A small group environment where you can have my FULL attention for an entire day
(value: priceless)

Built-in action time so that you’re not just thinking about what to do, but you’re also making sh*t happen
(value: priceless)

The total value of the Unearth Your Brand in 1 Day workshop is $4750 / £3700

..but you’ll pay a fraction of that.

Sign up now and you’ll get a brave, bold brand for an investment of just

$2750 / £2000*

a bunch of new ideas for your brand that’ll make your money back in no time.

*Ex international transfers for overseas clients and VAT for UK clients.

Words from blossoming businesses

Sarah Brimble, Body Reconnect

I have wanted to set up a business for many years, but being a mum to three small children have left me feeling overwhelmed with no idea to start. I met Lauren to discuss where to start. Lauren asked all the right questions and was excellent at allowing me to develop my thoughts, whilst also offering ideas when I was stuck. She helped me with my concept, developed a name, structure, and mood for the brand. It was more progress than I had made with my business in 7 years! Lauren is exceptionally good at taking on board very amateur and badly explained ideas and turning them into professional and beautiful designs. I am incredibly proud of my business - website, flyers, and posters. I am very grateful to Lauren for her incredibly hard work, and would recommend her to anyone.

Helen Munshi, The Start-Up Studio

I worked with Box Creative to completely define and design my brand. At the start I was completely confused as to what I wanted my brand to look like and even the name for my business. Lauren was incredibly patient and helped me to answer key questions to define my brand. She has this ability to take the confused tangle of ideas and images I had in my head and create and come up with several brilliant designs that were right on the money.

Kelly Gitsham, Voyage Accessories

We started our conversations very casually which enabled me as a Business Owner with a bursting mind full of ideas and unstructured thoughts, to unload all at various intervals about where we are and who I want us to be. After several discussions we were able to meet as a team with Lauren and her team to start mapping our new pathway for our future and further success. We now have a clear vision of who we are and where we want to be, which is great for us to finally see on paper and for any new members joining our business. Its given us a strong platform to take off from during the coming months. We look forward to working with Lauren again on our next chapter.

On a budget? The Brand Roots ecourse is for you!

Brand Roots online course.

Brand Roots is an expert-led online course, helping business owners thrive in the modern world. Focus on developing your brand, building a strategy and connecting with customers in six key modules.

Tell me more

Looking for the full monty or design and delivery too? THE GREENHOUSE IS FOR YOU!

The Brand Greenhouse.

A complete, 1:1 service, including design and delivery of all the assets you need to get you started on your business journey. A complete partnership that builds you a sustainable, beautiful brand, from root to leaf.

I'm interested


When is Unearth Your Brand available?

You can apply for the Unearth Your Brand programme now! Complete a simple onboarding questionnaire with some information about your business and your goals. We’ll jump on a call and check that we’re a good fit.

Once we’re ready to rumble, you can complete The Brand Roots ecourse at any time. We’ll book our working day together on our call together, I normally suggest 6 weeks after you start the Brand Roots course.


How will the ecourse be delivered?

You will get access to all 6 modules of content as soon as you enrol in Brand Roots. Once the ecourse is finished you will continue to have lifetime access to the content so you can revisit it whenever you want. This is self-directed and can be completed at your own pace in your own place. We suggest at least a week per module, to get the most out of it.

Do I have to change my business name?

No, only if you want to. That’s your choice. We will be refining or unearthing your purpose, vision and values, as well as giving your brand voice, positioning, look and feel a makeover. 


How is this different to the Brand Roots deliverables?

Brand Roots is an online, self-directed study ecourse, designed to help you get your brand strategy together. You take it at your own pace and complete it when and where you like.

The UNEARTH YOUR BRAND IN A DAY, is an intensive day full of 1:1 video calls to work through your Brand Roots work, together. Box Creative will also compile your strategy and Stylescapes for you into a comprehensive document.

I want to work with you, but I don't need this exact package.

This programme is the result of my years of working with clients and building brands, working with fabulous people, learning, failing, learning again and compiling what it all means. It’s tried and tested, and each element has its place, purpose and meaning. If you know you need Design (of your new brand, logo files, complete identity kit design) and Delivery services (like business cards, service design, website design, social media banners, templates, presentation slides etc.), then the Brand Greenhouse is our COMPLETE package, it covers the designing of your brand and your starter kit of deliverables to get you ready to go to market confident, equipped and feeling professional. Please note I only offer design once you’ve completed the strategy work (through Brand Roots or the Unearth Your Brand).

Why do your services cost what they do?

Brand strategy and design shouldn’t be seen as a cost — it’s an essential investment in your business. Well-considered strategy that sets out your purpose and connects with your audience will help you establish success and save you money in the long run. And, I’m surprisingly lean on my fees compared to many brand agencies, with large overheads.

How do I pay?

Box Creative will invoice you 50% upfront and give you access to the online course. The remaining 50% will be due after our day together, ahead of the document being delivered to you. You can pay via Transferwise.com or via Paypal.

Wanna know more?

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