You want a beautiful, bold brand. You need a brand that speaks to your audience.


So, you decide to throw in the towel on being the business owner and CEO and instead, you’re going to become a brand strategist.

You watch three YouTube tutorials and you’re set. You get a Canva subscription and create a logo, you pick your favourite colour purple as your brand colours and you crop out your best friends from your headshot.


It sounds ridiculous, right? But I see people with this approach to brand strategy and design way too often.


People underestimate the value of branding and brand design.


They think a couple of videos and a Canva template replaces years of education, training, and experience but what they end up with is a shit show of a brand, and a lot of time, energy and money – gone to waste.

Every part of the brand strategy and design process can fit into these two simple steps:

  1. Brand Roots Strategy.
  2. Brand Design and Build.


And this leads you directly to your results: beautiful, bold brand that speaks to your audience.


Let’s create a brand strategy and brand design again.

You decide to stay in your lane as the CEO and leader of your business and hire a professional and expert brand design.

Together, we develop your Brand Roots Strategy. This strategy is the foundation of a strong brand which logos, products, website, comms and business cards grow.


The result? A unique, gorgeous brand that gets results.


It didn’t feel like an in-cohesive, painful, disjointed, misaligned, and expensive process. It felt focused, expert, fun, personal and empowering.


When you try to DIY your brand build, you’re complicating it for no reason.


Stop. Go back to your Brand Roots.

There are 2 parts involved in Brand Roots Strategy:

  1. Understanding your brand landscape – your competitors, the market, trends and behaviours…
  2. Create your brand story – get clarity on your why, who you’re for, how you do things and what makes you different.


Then it’s a hop, skip and jump through Brand Design and Build, to a brand that delivers your boldest ambitions.

And that’s what I do with every single Brand Greenhouse Programme client.


If you’re having major brand troubles. If your branding sucks and you’re feeling lost, click this link and book a virtual coffee date with me.


Lauren 🌱

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