Proper Active


Reframing and repositioning sport strategy through experiences and emotional responses.


Researcher, strategist and sports fanatic, Dannielle Roberts, has long advocated the benefits of sport in shifting behaviours and engagement. Her studies and experience of how sports strategy can increase uptake in new audiences to sustainably increase sporting activity have led to the creation of Proper Active - a new consultancy in sporting initiatives and training design.


Creative strategy and brand creation was required. Worked closely with Dannielle in defining her vision and the brand CORE IDEA. Ongoing creative delivery across sales and marketing materials.


Brand Package
Branding Design
Event and Sales materials


“Whilst not new to sport strategy and research, I was brand new to running my own business and didn’t know a creative strategy from a brand activation. Lauren was so amazingly patient and professional in talking me through the various stages that it made what had originally seemed like a hugely daunting task into a really enjoyable process. She listened to my needs and my concerns and was highly flexible to work in a way that worked for me. The outputs she has produced are both eye-catching and easy to apply and I look forward to working with Lauren more in the future as my business continues to grow.”

- Dannielle Roberts, Founder

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