Some of you might not know this about me, but I’m a murderer.

My victim of choice? House plants.


Every six months or so, I just can’t contain my murder tendencies to house plants. The sad thing? I love houseplants. I have a lot. So, I have many victims, I’m ashamed to say.


I’ve got killer written all over my face when it comes to how I approach helping female business leaders build their brand vision and winning in business.


Because growing a brand is a living, breathing entity.

It grows and shrinks and changes and sometimes you’ve gotta kill your darlings.


  • Kill the chaotic, unfocused mess you never wanted in the first place.
  • Kill the procrastination that’s pulling you away from what you truly want.
  • Kill the DIY approach you’re persevering with because you think you can do it all.


To make space for growing a brand you can be proud of.


Are you ready to kill your darlings?


Then you’re going to need a partnership, support and helping hand to grow it with you.

A fresh direction that kills your past and celebrates your future.

A tried and tested process that will get you clarity, direction and a unique identity you’ve always dreamed of.


Click here for all the details.


It’s time for a killing spree which funnily enough, is a brand saver.


Lauren  🌱

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