Take a moment, it’s time to decide: What do you want to do with your consulting/coaching business?


Right now, you may be bumbling along, a few referrals coming your way, not quite landing your dream clients – maybe because your website makes you wince, your presentations are outdated, or your business patter leaves you feeling cold… something is not quite right.


Imagine waking up and deciding today you’re going to take charge of your brand, your voice, your business.


Imagine being able to boldly, clearly and bravely show prospects what you’re about.


Imagine never having another awkward apology that your branding is ‘work in progress’.


Imagine having a brand that speaks for you, selling you and positioning you as THE right choice for your audience, without you having to say a word. Imagine being able to increase your fees, inbound enquiries and have a sustainable, long-term strategy to nurture your clients brand experience (this means more secure money). All this is possible.


It doesn’t have to remain in your imagination.

It wasn’t so long ago that my client Michelle came to me for help.

After her first failed attempts at branding, copywriting and building her place in the world, she was at a make-or-break point.


Either she was going to get the help she needed to turn her lack-lustre brand into something truly special or go out as she was and not represent her true self, or attract the clients she wanted (nay deserved) and limit her having a business she was really proud of.


Michelle decided to step up and start working with me. She got a brand strategy and design that made her heart sing. She made big, impactful connections that have set her on an unstoppable course of business development and personal growth. She did all this in under 9 months, during lockdown, with limited time but a lot of balls. And now her life is her own, she has stepped into her brilliance and has a newfound confidence she never knew she could have.


Her secret? She got the right help and took the right action. And that’s what I’m here for.


My Brand Greenhouse is open for new clients who are looking for the same results as Michelle. Join me and we’ll fast track your results, turning your dream of having a beautiful, bold and unique consultancy, coaching or advisory business, into reality.

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Lauren 🌱

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