No doubt, these times are tough, challenging, causing a great deal of reflection, evaluation and opportunity to make changes – in life, in our homes, in our work:

Monumental shifts, iterative changes, slight adjustments, daily, weekly, seismic – all of it.


Now is a time for personal and professional revolution.


We are all feeling right now is a leveller – yes, we hear it every day:

“we’re in this together…”,

“uncertain times”,



This is the new normal, we need to adjust to it.


In this time of chaos, is it now a time of unity? For us to join together under this shared experience and shift how we interactive, view each other and approach work, our environments, people.

There seems to be, whomever I have been speaking to, working with, chatting to as we queue for the local store: a mindset shift to a new normal.


How can we leverage this unique moment, what do we understand from it, so years to come, when people ask us “What did you do during COVID 19?”, we have a greater understand of what it’s meant for us.


I was working with the super talented Ruth Gaviria these past few weeks and our approach is one of:


How can we get through this to be resilience, agile, ready in our business?


How do you COVID?














Share your experiences.



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