A methodology that helps individuals, teams and businesses to be better, do better and feel better.


The Global Life Alignment System (GLAS) is brainchild of Dani Savekar, and the culmination of a vast experience in families in business, entrepreneurship and leadership mentoring. Designed as one framework, its application is limitless, as is its impact. Having established and refined the offering over a number of years, it was time to take this brand to a global audience, with a number of refinements and assets required to do so.


Working closely with Dani, Box Creative took the existing brand assets and essence at the heart of the methodology, and created an extensive and flexible brand identity tool kit to support its growth. This included workshop tools, image library curation / art direction, IP visuals / document creation, ongoing creative consultancy for brand development, including digital learning platform, investment documents and training programmes for ambassadors.


Brand Strategy Workshop
Brand Asset Library: Sales tools, Imagery, Workshop Collateral, Social Media Assets
Brand Guidelines
Brand Management



- Dani Savekar, GLAS / Visual Synopsis / Families in Business

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