Flora Fairweather

A vibrant lifestyle brand that nurtures slow living and home


A little ray of sunshine in lifestyle gifting.


The brainchild of Instagram star Hollie Evans, Flora Fairweather is a colourful and inspirational brand born from kids brightly coloured woollen gifts, turned into a lifestyle brand. It captures the Norfolk country life of Flora Fairweather - rainbow filled, neon, pigs, pom poms and floral delights and has earned a cult following.


Work closely with the Founder, Hollie Evans, in product architecture and extension, ongoing brand development and art direction.


Brand Strategy - Product Development - Art Direction

Sarah Brimble, Body-Reconnect

“I have wanted to set up a business for many years, but being a mum to three small children have left me feeling overwhelmed with no idea to start. I met Lauren to discuss where to start.
Lauren asked all the right questions and was excellent at allowing me to develop my thoughts, whilst also offering ideas when I was stuck. She helped me with my concept, developed a name, structure, and mood for the brand. It was more progress than I had made with my business in 7 years!
 Lauren is exceptionally good at taking on board very amateur and badly explained ideas and turning them into professional and beautiful designs.
 I am incredibly proud of my business - website, flyers, and posters. I am very grateful to Lauren for her incredibly hard work and would recommend her to anyone.”

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