Everyone wants to be in the spotlight, the leading lady, the hero? 

Who wouldn’t want to line up against the Hallie’s, Gwenyth’s and Olivia’s of our time? Right?


Me – that’s who, no thanks.


I’m not actually shy, but I’ve never been the one seeking attention or the spotlight.


I would much rather take the role of the producer – that often faceless, relentless visionary-meets-pragmatic soul that pulls together all the roles, directorships and vision and MAKE THAT SH*T HAPPEN.


Tangible, practical, dream-realising.


So maybe it’s not so sexy, but to be able to bring it all together, seamlessly, smoothly and beautifully is such a skill.


Yep, I’d be the producer.


In fact, I AM the producer to many people in my life story.


Let me tell you about the jet-lagged wedding, the Pinterest inundation and a big bash that started with “I just need…”:


Take 1

From halfway round the world, my mate asked me to help with her wedding invites.

So, I did. Then her thank you cards, the table plan, the name cards and and and…


6 months later, I’m back home, fresh off the plane for the wedding – jet lagged and wired on caffeine but excited for the big day. She asks me to dress the hall.


Lanterns from the ceiling, jasmine garlands in the sconces, table runners, tea lights, name cards and and and… the champagne sure tasted sweet after all that and ultimately the bride was happy. It looked beautiful.



Take 2

I currently have no less than 13 – that’s 13 – Pinterest boards shared with my sister, full of ideas for her home decoration, after she asks me to help with her living room.


We speak in Farrow and Ball to each other like it’s our own language and my What’s App media files look fresh out of Elle Deco, days started with Facetime chats about shelfs, mirrors and planters before I’ve even had my morning brew.



Take 3

Then there was my brother’s 40th birthday bash and my mum asked me to do the invites. Which turned into motion graphics, a 20 minutes video edit of the hundreds of photos of him his mates sent, hall decorations, balloons, napkins, cake topper…


That’s a wrap!



And on…

“Can you look at my business cards?”

“What plant do you think I should put in my bathroom?”

“Where would you go for business cards?”

“I just need a logo – can you help?” (this is the worst…)

Maybe I have too much time on my hands?  Hmmm..


I can spout years of design industry experience, proficiencies in design programmes… but I think people come to me when they want shit done.


Creative, practical, reliable.


That’s the unsexy role of the producer.


And I love it.


I love being able to help my nearest and dearest with pulling together their vision – be it a wedding, their home, their big celebrations – and make it happen for them.


That’s what I’ve always done.

And that’s what I do now – with my clients.


It’s ingrained in my way of doing things, in my branding building.


I’m the producer of my client’s vision, the maker of their dreams and the doer that gets the job done, well.


This process of role-play, of putting myself in the shoes of different clients, markets, audiences, needs, fears, wants, problems, solutions… it’s how I’ve always approached things.


And do you know the best part?


It’s always with people I have taken time to get to know, to understand them, to become friends.


In the end, I see what they see and just facilitate that bit from their brain to reality.


Wouldn’t that be great?


Working with a friend that gets you, cares about your vision and can actually deliver it for you?



So, you can keep your spotlight, I’ll be behind the scenes pulling it all together to make your vision a reality.


I am the producer. And your business is the leading role.


If you’re interested in putting your brand in the spotlight and partnering with me to produce it, then message me for a virtual coffee.


Lauren 🌱

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