Thank you for being such a great client!

Firstly, thank you for working with us on your website! I’ve created this page to provide a little help to clients who are new to the world of graphics, brand and Squarespace.

On this page you’ll find:

  • What each file type should be used for

  • How to contact Squarespace customer support

  • How to create your own graphics

  • Where to get business stationery printed

  • Where you can find good stock photos

  • Complimentary, creative services

  • How I can help you in the future

Additional help

All of my web design clients receive a complimentary hand-over session at the end of their project where I teach you how to use your website and answer any questions you may have. However, if you need more help than this page and your training session provides, I highly recommend these guides and resources:

Squarespace Help | Squarespace has a huge library of tutorials that can help you figure out how to use and maintain your website. 

Squarespace Customer Care | Squarespace is known for its amazing customer service. They always reply to customer inquiries within 48 hours, so if your website encounters tech issues, you’re in safe hands. 


File types

I’ve saved your logos in various sizes and file types.  
Here’s the lowdown on what the file types should be used for:

  • PSD. This file is for Photoshop. If you have Photoshop yourself you can open your logo in it and make cool graphics with it, or place it over photos.

  • AI. This file is for Adobe Illustrator and it’s a vector file. This means that it can be scaled bigger or smaller without losing quality. You can only open this in Illustrator itself.

  • JPEG. This file can be used anywhere on the web and in lots of free editing programmes.

  • PNG. This file can also be used on the web. The difference is that this file has a transparent background , so it can be used over images – JPEGS have a solid background and cannot be used in this way.

  • PDF. This is suitable for print. (This is the file I always prefer to use for print.)

  • EPS. This is suitable for print, PC’s tend to have an issue reading this file format.


How do I make my own graphics?

You don’t need Photoshop or Illustrator to create your own graphics. Canva is a free editing program that comes with free templates for blog post and eBook templates. You can upload your logo in here and use your brand colours to keep your graphics in line with your brand. 

Alternatively, if you want a unique and perfectly branded graphics, brochure, event collateral or eBook, get in touch with me for a bespoke quote!


Can you recommend a good printer?

If you’re looking for a good printer for your business cards, stickers, postcards and more, I highly recommend They print in a high-quality stock, are pretty speedy, have a great range of products and their customer service is brilliant. 

Don’t be tempted by the cheapest printing option – although prices are appealing, print and paper stock quality can be poor. Invest in high-quality printed goods- they will make a much better impression on your clients and customers. 

If you need something extra special or bespoke, don’t hesitate to let us know – we love a fancy project!


Where can I find good stock photos?

Try Unsplash, Pexels,  Death to the Stock Photo and Stocksy. 


Some helpful videos and articles about Squarespace:

Getting started with squarespace

How to connect your social media profiles in squarespace

How to blog with squarespace

How to set up your squarespace shop

For information on how to create a Paypal ‘Buy Now’ button and place it anywhere on your website, read this article.


Help! I need to hire another creative

If you need a business coach, illustrator, modeller or other creatives, then I can help! I have a bulging black book of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with and these come highly recommended, drop me a line and I’ll play match-maker.


I need you to do a few more things for me…

No problem! I offer a variety of additional services such as ebook design, sales tools, Powerpoint templates, additional website pages, social media assets and more. Email me at to request a quote and get started!


That’s all folks!

But we are here for you if you need us. If you have any questions about your brand or website that aren’t answered here, then please email them to me at I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Thank you!