I’m often asked the question:

How do you have such an insatiable appetite for watching Chris Do on YouTube, run a successful, global brand agency AND still have time to, you know, have a life?!?

Good question!


Here’s a never-before-shared, behind-the-scenes tour of my business…


What I do to make money.

The Brand Greenhouse

My signature package that delivers the full shebang – 1:1 brand building and growth service that takes you through the full process end-to-end from Discover to Define to Design and Deliver to create your unique, bold, beautiful brand to go out and conquer your world.


Unearth Your Brand (in a day-ish) Programme

I work with driven and focused women in business over the course of one jam-packed day to personally go through and build out all their hard work from the Brand Roots ecourse and create their strategy with them – I even throw in some initial stylescapes (moodboards) and visual direction… because I just can’t help myself.


Brand Roots Strategy

For those that want to do it themselves, my Brand Roots online ecourse takes the pain out of building a brand strategy for their business and helps entrepreneurs to get super clear on their brand story so they can have a clear path for growth.



How long it took me to ‘get’ here.

I came from a purist design education – learning in a world-class design school (in the early 00’s), that took me to interior and furniture design jobs across the UK and US, ending up in brand experience design and being introduced to BRAND.

Sparks flew.


I have learned the impact the powerful combo design and brand, together, can have on your business:

Every. Single. Touchpoint.

What I am saying is that each precious moment matters when building connection with your customers, and brand and design sits at the heart of it all.



How I live my life.

I feel best when I live with freedom, creativity and collaboration.  Right now, I’m my own boss, with a fab list of friends (not clients) I work with every day that are a joy to work with.

I’ve tried the working for ‘the man’ and working with any client that would ‘yes’ to me.

Yeah, nah.



How I run my business.

My philosophy is to make brilliant brand design accessible to purpose driven women business owners so that they can focus on building profitable business.

Because we’re not all designers, or brand strategists, or brand-building ninjas with a bulging black book of talented people to help.

I’m here to help lift others up- just like you. Simple as that.



How I make decisions.

Pretty much every business decision I make comes down to one question:

Will this help me towards my mission of celebrating great women in business and enhancing their bank balances through extraordinary design and strategy?

Because that’s what I know it can do and I can help them do it.



How I stay motivated.

Get out – Walk my dog every morning, or run.
Stay curious – ask questions, read books, watch people I can definitely learn from (hence Chris Do reference).

Surround myself with great people – people that stretch me, align with my purpose and I’m be more than happy to go to the pub with.


What I don’t know…

… is Tik Tok. I don’t get it.

Or building websites – but I know people that certainly do.



What I do know…

… is how to help business owners be empowered, confident and have full ownership of their brand (now that’s what I call being E.C.O).


If this sounds like the kind of partnership and service you want, click here for my Brand Greenhouse Programme and I’d love to hear from you.


Lauren 🌱

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