Over the past 15 years or so, I’ve been working in the design industry: morphing from a furniture designer, to interiors, to brand experience, to strategy and brand building…

I figured now is a good time to share what I think are the best things about being a brand strategist and designer.

  1. Every day is different
  2. I get to work with so many different and interesting people, passionate about what they do, true visionaries
  3. I get to work across so many different industries from finance to wellness, all driven by purpose
  4. You never know who could call you next
  5. I learn something new every day
  6. I get to see the whole journey of a brand build
  7. I help business owners realise their dreams: translating thoughts into visual stories
  8. I get to do what I love every day
  9. My process works – for all clients, no matter what industry, stage or size. The system I use makes so much sense to me, and when mixed with the creativity, is magic
  10. You can make businesses look better than their competitors
  11. I get to join forces with some of the best creatives from copy writers to videographers, digital strategists and coders. Peoples skills cease to amaze me
  12. I get to continue to work with some of my favourite people and brands as they grow
  13. The creativity – each project calls for a fresh take, alternative solutions for the client and a lot of creative fairy dust: design is always evolving, which creates an ongoing demand for your creativity.
  14. You can have an entire room on the edge of their seats before revealing your creations
  15. Curating and creating the whole story – from idea to delivery
  16. Educating people and business owners on the true power of brand and design – commonly misunderstood and largely undervalued. By the end of our time together, my clients have a far greater awareness of what it means for their business
  17. I practice what I preach – I have gone through the same process myself, so I know the pain, sticking and pinch points
  18. I love being able to design 360 of a business – the brand and branding touches every facet of the business communications and activities. The influence and impact is great!
  19. Graphic design, guided by a strong strategy, can help a business get noticed and thrive
  20. I get to work globally – from Melbourne to California, France to Edinburgh – the joys of technology in helping you find your tribe
  21. I get to mentor younger graphic designers
  22. The reading list: Marty Neumeier, Wally Ollins, David A Aaker, Eckhart Tolle, Bridget de Motoza, Brené Brown….
  23. Making room for creativity and things that makes me happy improves my work and practices
  24. Inspiration is everywhere – shops, nature, on a walk, online, in a book, on a phone call, speaking to a client – brand and design surround us everywhere, all day!
  25. I learn how to listen

I love what I do and that this is the career I have chosen – I also think it found me. I love the evolution of my design skills to thinking and the application for building business.

Having an eye for colour, composition and layout as well as being able to see the whole story of a brand experience is something that I’ve been working on since school. It’s part of who I am and something I live and breathe all of the time.

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